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Site Search

Statidocs has support for Algolia DocSearch.

The service is free for any open-source project: apply to the DocSearch program.

DocSearch crawls your website once a week and aggregates the content in an Algolia index. This content is then queried directly from your front-end using the Algolia API.

Crawler configuration

Editing and managing your crawls can be done via the web interface. Indices are readily available after deployment, so manual configuration usually isn't necessary.

Recommended configuration:

new Crawler({
  appId: "YOUR_APP_ID",
  indexPrefix: "",
  rateLimit: 8,
  maxDepth: 10,
  maxUrls: 5000,
  startUrls: ["https://YOUR_WEBSITE_URL"],
  renderJavaScript: false,
  sitemaps: ["https://YOUR_WEBSITE_URL/sitemap.xml"],
  ignoreCanonicalTo: false,
  discoveryPatterns: ["https://YOUR_WEBSITE_URL/**"],
  actions: [
      indexName: "YOUR_INDEX_NAME",
      pathsToMatch: ["https://YOUR_WEBSITE_URL/**"],
      recordExtractor: ({ helpers }) => {
        return helpers.docsearch({
          recordProps: {
            lvl0: {
              selectors: "#sidebar ul>li>",
              defaultValue: "Documentation",
            lvl1: ["article h1"],
            lvl2: ["article h2"],
            lvl3: ["article h3"],
            lvl4: ["article h4"],
            lvl5: ["article h5"],
            lvl6: ["article h6"],
            content: ["#content p, #content li"],
          aggregateContent: true,
          recordVersion: "v3",
  safetyChecks: { beforeIndexPublishing: { maxLostRecordsPercentage: 30 } },
  initialIndexSettings: {
    staticecil: {
      attributesForFaceting: ["type", "lang"],
      attributesToRetrieve: [
      attributesToHighlight: ["hierarchy", "content"],
      attributesToSnippet: ["content:10"],
      camelCaseAttributes: ["hierarchy", "content"],
      searchableAttributes: [
      distinct: true,
      attributeForDistinct: "url",
      customRanking: [
      ranking: [
      highlightPreTag: '<span class="algolia-docsearch-suggestion--highlight">',
      highlightPostTag: "</span>",
      minWordSizefor1Typo: 3,
      minWordSizefor2Typos: 7,
      allowTyposOnNumericTokens: false,
      minProximity: 1,
      ignorePlurals: true,
      advancedSyntax: true,
      attributeCriteriaComputedByMinProximity: true,
      removeWordsIfNoResults: "allOptional",

DocSearch configuration

  enabled: true|false
  appId: <YOUR_APP_ID>
  indexName: <YOUR_INDEX_NAME>
  insights: true|false
  debug: false|true