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Getting started

Statidocs is a powerful documentation starter, built by static site generator Cecil.

Create a new project

The easiest way to create a new Statidocs project is using Composer:

composer create-project cecil/statidocs my-project

Start the local server

When working locally, Cecil’s built-in server lets you preview your work and automatically refreshes your browser when you make changes.

Inside your project directory, run the following command to start the local server:

php cecil.phar serve

This will log a message to your terminal with the URL of your local preview. Open this URL (http://localhost:8000 by default) to start browsing your documentation.

Add articles

File formats

Statidocs supports authoring content in Markdown with no configuration required. You can extend default capabilities by enabling Cecil's Markdown options.

Add pages

Add new pages to your site by creating .md files in pages/docs/. Use one level sub-folders to organize your files and number prefix to sort them.

For example, the following file structure will generate pages at domain.tld/docs/getting-started and domain.tld/docs/guides/i18n:

└─ pages
   └─ docs
      ├─ guides
      |  └─
      └─ 1-Getting

Front matter

All pages use front matter variables to control how the page appears:

title: Hello world
description: This is a page description.

To know more, checks the Cecil front matter documentation.

Updating Statidocs

Statidocs is built on top of the Cecil theme docs. You can update it and other Cecil themes by running the following command in your terminal:

composer update